Culottes are the cropped pants you must have. These are one of the most highlighting fashion trends for the fashion year of 2016 and they deserve to be in your closet. WHY you ask? I’l tell you why. These can be styled and worn in completely versatile ways. These can […]

Trending2016- Culottes

Jumpsuits are so comfortable! And even more so in summers and monsoon. Plus they are available in so many fits and cuts to choose from. You could choose a straight fit, boot cut or even a narrow slim fit jumpsuit. And of course then there are playsuits (cropped jumpsuits with […]

How to Wear Jumpsuits- Hippie-Chic Summer

Get your Colorblock-outfit on and be all ready for work or that quick lets meet and eat date.Ask me Why? First, they shout out fun like nothing else. Color-blocking is basically using two colors on the opposite sides of the colour wheel, to achieve the widest contrast possible. But that […]

Colorblock-Outfit Blue is Effervescent