Date-Outfits Having Fun With Heart Prints

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black peplum top outfits

Date-outfits are really special since you dress for that dear person who means so much to you. I follow a simple rule for that! The 3C Rule – Classy, Comfortable and Chic. It has always worked for me and I am sure it will help you too.

In fact, dress to your heart, don your closet favorites and wear your confidence with a smile. Try my Rule once and just see the difference that reflects in your aura and personality.

koovs heart print jeans

|  Top- NewLook  | Jeans – Koovs  | Wedge Pumps – Charles&Keith  | Watch – GUESS  | Studs – Forever New  |

date outfit ideas

Since I just mentioned love and Heart I have to confess something! I have always loved the heart symbol so much that I used to draw in everywhere I could way up to the age of 13! Obviously, I had learnt that the human heart does not look that way and also people had started to think some crazy stuff about the meaning of those hearts that I kept making.

black peplum top outfits

But till now if I see hearts printed on any clothing, I will buy it. And this is exactly what happened when I saw this heart-printed jean on Koovs. And it was on a half price. So it was God’s divine sign that I have to buy it right away.The pair has a great fit and comfortable fabric perfect for summers.


date outfits heart print

I styled this outfit in like no time since I was dressed for my next shoot but that couldn’t happen due to the sudden change in Bhopal’s weather that day. So I quickly changed for my date that evening and while there, we were lucky to have a short span of good lighting.

The sassy peplum top in black is just an all-rounder and can be worn in so many ways. I think peplum has become an essential trend in my closet because it is so ladylike and body-friendly ( even if you have a few kilos on the heavier side Don’t Worry).

koovs heart printed jeans charles&keith wedges

koovs backpack

I teamed this combo with my very comfortable Charles & Keith wedge pumps in white and my floral-printed backpack which has tons of space to hold all my essentials.

For my accessories, I chose these square shaped studs from Forever New and my Guess dual-tone watch.

P.S My hair were all over the place due to the super windy weather, dont mind please!

date outfit ideas

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|  Top- NewLook  | Jeans – Koovs  | Wedge Pumps – Charles&Keith  | Watch – GUESS  | Studs – Forever New  |





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