Diwali2016-Outfit Ideas – Getting Ready This Festive Season

Hola people,

Diwali is upon us in just another fortnight and I thought of showing you guys some easy as breeze ways to style some in trend pieces with a twist into completely new avatars in my Diwali2016-outfit lookbook.


Cold-shoulder is in vogue for 2016. In todays outfit, I have paired my Cold-shouldered dress with a lovely red skirt that I got from Jaipur. The skirt shouts out ethnic in this look.




It has beautiful details of Peacock feathers all over along with sequins that are a must for the festive feel if you ask me. Also because, when your outfit is sort of plain Jane from the top, you must add some spark to your outfit!


Now, I actually wore this outfit for Pandal-hoping, and trust me so many people complimented me on it. It is so comfortable and gives you full freedom to twirl all you like.


Thats a major plus if you ask me. And did I mention, we just used out ‘Western Wardrobe’ for our Indian counterparts. (Without Spending tons!)

In fact, this look is well under 1500 INR , the skirt is for 250 INR, and the dress I got in a sale recently for about 800 bucks!


I have not gone overboard with a lot of accessories, but you can absolutely do that. I choose to wore Peacock-inspired earrings with beautiful meenakari in white and Royal blue that went especially well with my look.


I completed my look with my Rose-gold watch and a silver embellished potli-style clutch.


QUICK TIP- I really love to use my Golds and silvers together. They create a lovely contrast, so do not hesitate to paint them together.


As I knew I had a lot of walking to do, this cuts kitten-heeled pumps in a neutral mauve, were an ideal choice. You could also wear Kohlapuris or juts if you want!

Do let me know if you liked this look of my Diwali2016-outfit series and how would you sport it.
Outfit Details

| Dress – MSMB  | Earrings – Reet, Curated by Stylsync  | Shoes- Westside |

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