Fingertips- The Nail Spa Review

Hello StylsyncFam,

I am that  girl who gives the least amount of attention to my hands and feet. I have always looked at girls’ and wondered how they have such long,dainty nails and why I don’t.


I also yearned that I have such long nails and I had no clue about gel nail extensions or any nail extensions to be honest at that time. But people change. don’t they? And the person or the place rather responsible for this change in me is Fingertips.


Fingertips Nail Spa is a one-of-a-kind salon in Bhopal. It aims to give you a luxe experience with exclusivity. They have an appointment only schedule and the best part is that they serve only women. No men are allowed at Fingertips Nail Spa, so your privacy is not disturbed.


So for my session at Fingertips, I was given the Scentual Spa Mani-Pedi combo as suggested by the expert since I have pretty dry skin. And I was so glad that I could try it out and you will know the reason why towards the end of this post.


My session started in a big cozy chair that adorns the very gorgeous spa room at Fingertips. One more thing that I loved, is that there is just room for two at one time for a session, which really gives you a lot of privacy and attention to enjoy your experience to the fullest.


So as soon as the session started, I was asked to completely relaxed. The two lovely beauticians at Fingertips started the Manicure and Pedicure simultaneously on me.


My Manicure & Pedicure started with the grooming of my nails and cuticles, followed by cleansing and scrubbing. After this a special Dermal Wrap with Grapeseed oil was used both on my hands & feet.


The Dermal Wrap helps the skin get rid of dead cells while the Grapeseed oil moisturises and repairs the skin. The wrap was kept on for 15 minutes followed by a wonderful massage which really helped my sore ankle that day.

Post this we moved to the Nails section at Fingertips, where you actually get those stunning nails and nail art  done. I was happily surprised to see Cuccio Colour Professional Nail Laquers which are free of DBP or Toluene. These nail polishes are top quality and give such rich color in a single coat.

I chose to have the Gel Extensions with Cuccio Gel polish and 3D Nail art for my hands. The shape I choose for my nails was Square and for my 3d Nail Art I choose a lovely red bow on top of glittery golden. I was suggested a lovely Coral for the rest of my nails.

The entire process took close to 2 hours for both my hands to be done. But it was so not tiresome for me. And the end result was gorgeous!


For my feet, I chose Cuccio Veneers in a light shade of Pink but no extensions. Because somehow the nails on my feet have never had a problem growing super long!

Highlights of My Experience- 

  • Great Foot massage which actually relieved my sore ankle pain.

  • The Dermal Wrap was effective

  • Cuccio Nail Polishes ( DBP & Toluene Free)

  • Use of UV driers 

  • Lovely ambience

  • Its a women only salon

  • Friendly staff

  • You can also buy stuff from Just Herbs at Fingertips

  • Bomb Cosmetics ( this awesome brand is rarely available in India)


Do I recommend it?

Yes! Absolutely. Go pleasure your hands and feet right now. They deserve it.

My Rating-


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