Welcome-2017 Let it be Stylish,Fun & Positive

Hola peeps,

Let’s welcome-2017 with open arms and I take this as an opportunity to wish each one of you a Very Happy New Year! Each year is a new chapter in our lives and we have the power to write in it the what we want , the way we want.


So Todays post is a super casual one! Indian winters are chilly yet sunny during the days and I wanted to show you guys a super chic way to layer your dresses for such wintery days.


Quick Tip – Play with textures to make your outfits interesting. Laces, embroideries and sheer accents are just a few examples!


I am wearing my Bollywoo dress in the style of the diva Sonam Kapoor, and you guys have seen me style it for a party, with its Swarovski studded back straps that are extremely glamorous.


But this time around, I wanted it to look super casual and also show you guys how styling can change the very look of a dress. So I layered it with my favourite blouse at the moment, a stunning turquoise shirt with lace sleeves and details all over it.


I think clashing light colors with dark bold ones makes you look leaner and more uniform, precisely why I chose to clash the baby pink with the turquoise.

To add more shape, I added my Black Bebe belt with gold details on it at my waist.


For my bag choice, I choose my brown sling, its the perfect size and holds all my essentials well. For my accessories I went minimalistic and added my double ended pearl bangle from F21!


I finished the look with a comfy and warm shoe choice (its winters and it’s a bad idea to freeze your feet girls) in my laceless glitter sneakers. They have the holiday feel just right and keep my feet warm. Thats all a girl can ask for, Right?


For my makeup , I skipped any base foundation, since good skin days are on and I hate to pile on makeup on my skin. Just some HOT PINK lipstick and winged liner and I was good to go!


Once again a Happy Happy New Year guys, Stay Positive and have an Awesome 2017!

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