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Need Help Using Mac Shared Printer On W7 PC

Problem When Trying To Run Old 32bit Application

I Want To Use Power Plan Unplugged All The Time

Can You Check This Minidump Files For Me Please!

Windows Logo Key On Keyboard Not Bringing Up The Windows Start Menu

Very Big Windows 7 Question


Blue Screen Of Death Never Goes Away Please Help! Error 41 (63)

User Accounts Issue. Can't Create 2nd Account.

Wake Up On Mouse

How To Remove Browser Label On Taskbar?

Installing DirectX 9

Wifi Adapter Keeps Turning Off On Asus Laptop

Repair Windows 7 Bootloader With Windows 10 DVD

BSOD Within Minutes Of Cold Boot Every Time

Dolby Surround Of My Sound Card Doesn't Work Properly

Two Control Panels

Resuming From Sleep.

Systray Icons Are Not Responding

BSOD Errors: 0x0000001E - 0x000000C1 - 0x00000024 And So On

How To Speed Up Slow Thumbnail Loading

Windows Locks Up After Windows Screen But I Can Use Safe Mode.

Windows Upgrade - Skip Compatibility Test

Will The W10 Reserve Over-ride My WU 7 Settings

Black Screen And No Internet Connections? + Downgraded Windows Look

WIndows 7 Will No Longer Boot

How To Rearrange The Items In Toolbar Of Windows Explor

Activating Windows 10 (upgraded Windows 7) On Another Motherboard

Cng.sys Error After System Restore

BSOD / Random Freezes

Nvlddmkm ;/

Sony VAIO Laptop (Win 7 HP 64-bit) Boots Up Slowly

Updates Will Not Install

Problem Creating A Home Group

Cursor Slows Down Randomly.

BSOD'ing Randomly About Once A Week. 3 Different Error Codes.

Multiple Default Sound Cards

Upgrading Fr XP To 7: The Bloated C Drive

Windows 7 Update Broke All Usb

Fonts Are Being Displayed In Chinese

Windows 7 IDT Audio 5.1 Sound Problem.

Double Click Required To Maximize Running Pinned Program On Taskbar

Win 7 Upgrade Disk Questions

Windows Activation Error 0xc0000022

BSOD Dxgmms1.sys During Video

Reinstalling Windows After Windows Recovery Options Failing To Help

Ssd Install Problems

Can't Share PC With Homegroup

Can't Install/receive Update 3035583 For Win 10 Taskbar Icon

Windows 7 Freezes At Login Screen?

How Do I Get Back My Install Folder After Taking Ownership Mishap.

BSOD With Repeated 0X00000124 Errors

Why Is Defraggler Reporting Higher Defragmentation Numbers Than 7?

Consistent BSOD Crashes

Stuck In Bootloop After Windows 10 Update Attempt

Audio Driver Problem

Laptop Won't Fall Asleep

Windows 10 May Eat You Windows 7 Key It Did Mine If Using A Vm.

How Do I Get Generic Sound Driver Back?

Screen Saver Flicker Before Showing Login Prompt

Constant BSOD While Working.

BSOD Occurs 5 Minutes After Logging In

Windows Explorer And Now Browsers Slow / Timing Out

Why Backup User And System Files Fails To Create System Images To Optical Disc?

Boot Options

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE + Ntoskrnl.exe Blue Screen Of Death.

Help| Laptop Wakes Up On It's Own

Win7 & WinXP Hell

My Pc Crashes Often

My Hadware Sound Dev

Shortcuts That Open Programs In Custom Window Locations?

EruNT Lives Again

BSOD/Restart At Random - Kernel-Power (41)

I Found An Old Laptop That Isn't Activated Anymore.

Windows Will Not Load

BSOD At Random Times Code X93

X-Fi 5.1 Driver Fix

Changing Audio Devices

Will I Face Any Problem With This Intended New Upgrade?

I'd Like To Have Sound Output Through 2 Sets Of Speakers At Same Time

Help With Random Freezes And BSOD.

Wierd Crashing (not BSOD)

Homegroup Not Working Since Router Change

Random BSOD During Pc Boot

HTTPS & Network Share Browsing Unusable/hang For ~15min After Startup

Accidentally Stop Sfc /Scannow But I Dont See Errors

Windows Update Center Says I'm Up To Date

Tray Area With Blank Icons - What's Causing It?

How Do I Remove Transparency On Top Of Window

Computer Won't Sleep At Night.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 Will Not Output 1920x1080 Over VGA.

Got A Major Install Issue

Windows 7 On Vaio Screen Resolution Stuck At 1024x768

Lost My Office Pro Plus Shortcut And Can't Find It

High Performance Power Option At Every Restart

No Audio After Fresh Install


Random Crashes / Hangs

Strange Look Of The Taskbar And Window Titles

Taskbar Bug (help Needed)

Problem With The Driver Portio64

Not Sure But I Think It Might Be Misconfigured System Files

Card Reader BSOD

Bluescreen Every 12 Minutes

Crash During Gaming But No Bsod

Cant Get Kodak Camera To Work With Win7 Rc 7100

Why Does Windows Login Screen Continue Reappearing?

How To Remove Phantom Drive?

BSOD While Torrenting

Realtek Audio Driver Buzzing

BSOD - Ntoskrnl.exe+289fc

BSOD Crashes Daily

Windows 7 Upgrade Questions

Editing Windows Explorer Layout Templates

Windows Wont Start When Using Sata III

Windows 7 Breaking Down Itself

BSOD And Random Freezes Only In Windows (never In Games)

Connection Problems

My Laptop Sound Stutters

Computer Randomly Freezes During Usage(usually No Bsod)

Window Loses Focus

Should I Upgrade My Friends PC To Windows 7?

Will My Upgrade Key Work?

Drive Partition No Longer Has Delete Option Available - It WAS There

Window Problem

I Want To Get The Get Windows 10 Icon

BSOD - Random Along With System Freeze

Sound When Opening IE 8 Is Annoying Please Help

Q: "Frequent" Folders Shown For Explorer In Taskbar

BSOD Random When Playing Games. 0x3b

Sleep And Hibernate Actions

Updates Shutting Down PC Without Warning

Network Topology Problem - Can't See Drives On Router

Windows Not Activated After Every Sleep

Add New Printer Not Working

No Sound After Format

BSOD 5-15 Minutes After Windows Starts


WMP Crashes When Loading And Blue Screen Yesterday Etc.

Difficulty Using Windows Explorer - Please Advise

BSOD Randomly

Change Audio Channel With Hot Keys?

Windows Doen't Remember Audio Settings

Default Audio Changes On Its Own When I Start Up A Game Or Youtube Vid

BSOD In In 3D Accelerated Apps(WoW

BSOD & System Hanging

Add New Printer Not Working

Can I Restore Win7 After Uninstalling It

Help With View On Thumbnails?

Cannot Share Networking On LAN Adapter 3 & 4

Why Does Win10 Not Allow Overwrite By New Win7 Disc?

Why Can't I Enable System Restore?

Search Won't Work

Win 7 Slow Optical Drive

Dissappearing Quick Start Icons

My Laptop Ram Has More Than 50% Usage Every Time

My Audio Is Skipping

Regular BSOD With Error Code 0x109


Backing Up Libraries (on D:) And Also Specifiying The D: Drive

Homegroup Question/issue

Getting The "old Style" Address Bar Back? Without Just Highlighting.

Adding A Search Button To Start Menu

How Do I Stop Windows Auto-Installing Drivers?

Blue Screen While I Was Trying To Read An SD Card

CCleaner Killing My Printer

Computer BSODs At Random Times

GWX.exe Windows 10 Upgrade Won't Open

Administor Account Demoted To Guest

Auto-snap To Left When Opening New Window

Auto Restart Even If Uncheck Automatic Restart

I Need Help - My Computer Does Not Read Cyrillic

BSOD BugCheck 124 - Help Please

Please Help-full Control Permissions.

Windows 7 Icon Highlight

Computer Freezes Very Randomly With No Sort Of Prompting

Windows Multimedia Software Alternatives

Post A Shortcut On The Desktop

KB890830 Two The Same Updates

Forget A Homegroup

Install DVDs Won't Autoplay

BSOD At At Random Times On ASOS Laptop

BSOD With UTorrent Open

Need Help Removing A File From Windows 7

Windows Taskbar Flickering.

Upgrade Install With No Key (for Now)

New Computer User Password Bug

How To Determine If My Machine Has Direct X

Trouble Re-activating Rebuilt

Multiple Computers Crashing But No BSOD

High Memory Usage?

Every Time Asking For Administrative Permission

BSOD Randomly

Lost Top Screen Task Bar

BSODs Sometimes Scrambled Screen

How To Stop Windows 10 From Installing From Tray Icon?


Windows Explorer Crashes When I Create A New User Account

AMD Radeon HD 8570M Problem

Random BSOD / Insta Boot.

Action Center Is Not Able To Run

Somewhat Random Explorer.exe Crashing.

Folder In Taskbar That Opens In A New Icon

Complete Taskbar Replacement?

Windows 7 Won't Boot With Two Disks

Windows 7 Mac Style STACKS

Swapping Display Numbers

Question About Upgrading Vista > The E Version

No Recording Device Found

How To Change Default Profile/computer Name?

Ntoskrnl.exe Error On A New System.

Zoostorm Freedom - Stuck In Start Up Repair Loop And Can't Re-install

Avoiding The Windows 10 Update Bully With Windows 7 Updates

From Win7

RAM Full Utilisation PROBLEM! Please Help!

All Font Files Deleted - Only Wingdings Remain

Computer Will Not Enter Standby Automatically

Intel Video Card?Driver? Strange Problem

Mysterious 'always On Top' Gauge Won't Go Away From My Desktop.

Clipboard (Win 7) Automatically Clearing Before Paste

Menu Send To Seems Dim

Bsod Windows Freezing Crashing And Not Booting Up Sometimes

Folder Icon Messed Up

BSOD - 0x119 Stop Code

Win 10 Pop Up Blank

Windows 7 Taskbar Refusing To Go Transparent

\$windows.~bt\windows\system32\winload.exe Corrupted Or Missing

Explorer.exe Crashes When Folder Windows Have Been Open For A While

Windows7 Behind Second Hub Not In Homegroup

Can't Boot After Recent Windows Update

MS Now Offers Personalization Gallery For Windows 7

HP Updates Unwanted Drivers Automatically. Stop This Process.

Computer Will Not Load Login Screen After Failed Windows Update Instal

Sound Card Problem - Headphones Work

Pressing Create Mail Button In Win Mail Causes Crash

[Help] Aero.msstyles Resource Subtoolbar Background!

Worth Upgrading To Windows 7?

Trying To Create A New Windows Wireless Network But Can't.

BSOD/Crashes While Working On Photoshop/surfing On Firefox/Idling

Dell Computer PC Will Not Load Windows Install CD From Computer Crash

BSOD Randomly

Windows 10 App Icon Will Not Show

OneDrive Reinstall

How To Make Menus To Be Seen With Aero

Help Pls:System Recovery Computer Died-Comp.Won't Go Past Windows Logo

Preview Of Programs Is Blank When Hovering Over The Icon Of The Program.

Mouse Freezing And BSOD

Corrupted System File SFC Can't Fix

Backing Up Pre-installed Windows

Windows Won't Boot After Update?

Windows 10

System Sounds Refuse To Be Disabled

Cannot Save File In C:/ Drive

One Shortcut In Startup Won't Start When Windows 7 Boots.

Hi All. Need Solution For My Graphic Card Problem.

Creative X-fi - No Sound After Restart

I Want To Put The Same Icon On 10 Folders

BSOD When Torrent Is Running

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Pre-install Questions.

Uk Extended Keyboard: Hotkey For Tilda's Characters Not Working

Problems With ATI Video Driver On Win7 X64

Win7 X64 Does Not Boot After Changing SATA Mode

No (high Definition Audio) Playback Devices Available

Questions About Backup On Windows 7. Wanting To Test Out Win10

Cannot View Or Upload Minidump Files!

High RAM Usage After Reinstalling Windows

Modifying Desktop Background Slideshow Time Duration

Revers Win 10 Compact

Problem With Dual-boot

Networked PC Lost Connection Internet Connectivity

Hard Drive Doesn't Wake Up After Hibernation

Audio Receiver Only Allowing Stereo In Win 7

Legality Of Re-installing Windows In A VM In Another Partition

Computer Freezes At Boot While Icons Refresh - Possible Graphics Issue

Windows Start Up Screen Skips? Or Is That Part Of It?

Upgrade Version Is Genuine Or Not

Itunes 10 Not Recognizing Iphone Or Ipod

Laptop Will Not Hibernate

Set Up Computer With Backup Boot Drive

BSOD 0x124 Without Reason Again And Again

How Do I Change Highlight Color On Files

Turn Off Pen Feedback In Windows 7 Home Premium?

The Problem With Wlan After Hibernation Mode Or Reboot

No Username & Password Field Visible After Reboot/Ctrl-Alt-Del

New Computer Will Not 'Shut Down' - Restarts Instead With Error Msg.

Trying To Put Pagefile Into SD Card

How Can I Find Out What Time My Computer Woke Up At?

BSOD 116 Recently Started Happening For Unknown Reason Dump And DM Log

Weird WIFI Problem: Unable To "SEE" Available Wireless Networks

Cannot Access Files No Matter What!

Windows Explorer Slide Show

Strange Mouse Freeze

BIOS Update Ruined New Laptop

Desktop Icon Display

Multiple BSOD Crashes. Antivirus Programs Keep Shutting

Enterprise Edition With Pro. Key.?

Stopping Automatic Windows Updates 100%!

Please Help Me With Bsod

Win 7 -Video Signal Lost At Bootup Or Shortly After

Problem In Runing Adobe Illustrator CS4

Cannot Repair A Search Index That Is Corrupt

Doc And Xls Files Open Very Slowly After Coming Out Of Standby Mode

Frequent BSOD Crash

Should I Upgrade To 10

Problem Updating Driver

System Tray Icons - Blank Icons

Renaming Files Issue

Untrusted Publisher Blocked

Advice On Upgrading To Windows 8.

USB Root Hubs Missing After Windows 7 Clean Install

My Pinned Folders Disappeared

JMB38X Driver

New Hard Drive Won't Take Same Product Key?

Changing The Text Color Of The Taskbar Buttons

Pc Freezes Randomly Cant Find Source Of Problem

Play Sounds Thru 2 Ports

PC Crashed

System Not Displaying The Correct Date & Time

Fresh OS Install On New SSD -- Really Low Benchmark Tests?

Huawei USB E367 Internet Device Not Functioning Properly

Win 7 Activation Fails After Hardware Addition

BSOD Minutes After Desktop Starts

PC Crashes With NO BSOD And NO Minidump File.

Computer Doesn't Sleep When Idle

2 Reasons Why I HATE Windows 7

I Hate Win7 To Much Trouble

Problem Restoring Files In Windows Backup

Reinstallation Issue

Schedule To Wake Up Or Turn On?

Many Time Installing Windows Bad Or No ?

How To Disable Auto Move-to-edge?

Computer Unable To Open Files After A While

Problems With Mircophone Array

Win7 32 Bit Drivers For Fugi Scan Snap 5110EOX2

Desktop Background Changed

My Letter " I " Problem In Win 7 Dictionary

Sony Vaio Wont Charge Battery After Clean Windows 7 Install

AHCI Problems

Bad Quality Sound


Please Help Me . See My Screenshots. Driver Issue.

Identifying Connection

Windows 7 Seems Slower To Sleep And Wake Up

BSOD Caused By File Watchdog.sys (apparently.)

Help For Enable Windows Aero Glass Transparency

Reinstalling Win 7 From Backup Made Before Ms Product Keys Activated

Really Slow Internet Connection After Install

Program Execution On Windows 7 Startup [Problem]

Windows Update Caught In Loop (stuck At Getting Updates)

Can Upgrades Be Done Now

Control Panel >Homegroup Problems

Reboots After Updates - Really Needed?

Random BSOD's And Screen Freezing/Crashing Please Help

Win 7 - Homegroup Goes Intercontinental

Start Up Folder - Why Won't This Program Start?

Problems With Desktop/start Up Menu

Taskbar Auto-hide

How Well Can I Control Auto-updates?

Windows 7 Update Error 0x80073712

Desktop Doesn't Load On Start-up

Homegroup Troubleshooting

System Resets Randomly 2 Or 3 Times A Day At Varying Times.

Taskbar Doesn't Hold Lock

System_service_exception (asmtxhci.sys) BSOD On Boot

Almost FORCED To Update To Win 10 ? NO! Help !

Random PC Freeze (logs Included)

My Pc Wont Burn Iso To Discs Maybe A Dvd Rom Error?

Can You Put Recovery Drive D On A Flash Drive To Free Up Hard Drive

Safe To Delete Partition?

Your Location Has Been Accessed

HELP No Connection!

Just Upgraded But It Has Already Crashed

Windows 7 Takes Very Long To Shut Down

Faster Thumbnail Updating?

Logging Off Changes My Dual Monitor Display? HELP!

Moving User Accounts With Windows 7 Installed Using Audit Mode

PC Randomly BSOD Or Freezes

Updates Not Installing

BSOD 0x109

BSOD Driver_IRQL_not_lless_or_equal

Windows 10 Update Fatal Error C0000022 Amd64_ava

Random BSODs With Different Errors

Can't Activate Windows (used 3 Different Isos)

USB Cannot Be Available In Window Explorer

DirectX Web Installer Error.

Changing Account Type - Changing GUI And Desktop Customizations

No Sound

Windows Makes Weird Sound

No Administrator Rights


Explorer Crashes When Uninstall

BSOD Randomly

Changing The Way Multiple Browser Pages Look In Taskbar

Backup Problem After Downgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 7

Need Help With ITunes And IPhone On Windows 7!

Windows & Upgrade Error

No Other Homegroup Computers Are Currently Available

TaskBar Customization Issue

Should I Migrate To Next OS After 2020?

How Can Re Enable Explorer.exe In Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit?

20+BSOD Happens Most Couple Minutes After Startup

Windows Update Forum

Removing USB Devices Problem

Four BSODs And One System Freeze This Year

Taskbar Highlighting

My Laptop Takes A Hell Lot Of Time To Reboot! Lags A Lot While Working

Windows Are Not Opening

Random Freezing/crashing Last Crash 0xd1 On Atikmdag.sys+17a3e7

Please Analyse This .dmp File For Me!

3b Win32k BSOD From Hardware Upgrades

Some Programs Won't Work!

Homegroup Unable To Detect Users In Group

Can I Scroll Pane Hovering Over In Windows Explorer Without Focus?

16gb Sdcard Unable To Remove Readyboost !

Start Menu Really Slow

Freeze Randomly Without BSOD.

Problem Installing Windows OS

Sound Goes High When No Bass > Realtek

PC Won't Start Properly After Failed Updates

Random Freezes With New Hardware (no BSOD)

Blue Screen - Windows Fails To Boot

Windows Backup Taking 20 Hrs So Far.

W7 After W10 Failed Install

Is It Possible To Create A Back Up Of An Entire Hard Drive Will Two Bo

Desktop Freezes / Is Useless On Startup

Can I Change The Main User Name?

Can't Open Minimized Windows On Desktop

Location Of Icons

What Is Not Needed For My Laptop?

Windows 10 ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics?

BSOD Coming Randomly

Hibernate Option

Where Is Setting To Allow Hover For Selecting?

Windows Update And Keyboard Problem

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